In just a few days, SAOOTI can set up your own cloud computing platform, so that you can:
Create a customized web-radio station, at the web address of your choice, hosted and maintained 24/7 by Saooti within its secure infrastructure.
Use mobile apps published by Apple, by Google or privately.
Integrate various web components on your websites, so listeners can access webcast or streamed content, download podcasts or view the program.
Hand over to us the management of performance royalties and other copyright issues.


Connect to your Wikiradio© site on your desktop or install the application on your tablet or mobile and access your Virtual Studio.

Just connect a headset or mixing deck to your desktop’s USB port and produce your own radio webcasts.

With Saooti’s Virtual Studio, you can produce your webcast live or as a podcast. Participants can be on site or connected (via IP multiplexing or phone). The Virtual Studio has all the features of a professional radio studio.


Your own graphic design

Your URL

Your playlist

Your sound environment


Your mobile Wikiradio

Saooti gives you access to all the dedicated mobile apps for your radio (under IOS or Android).

Your choice: apps can be made available through Play Stores, via your intranet or by push notification on all your company’s mobile phones.

Mobile apps cover a whole range of uses: streamed interactive webcasts (chats, etc.), “replay” listening, customizable alerts, app sharing, made-to-mesure security systems, etc.


Your webcasts, your musical environment

Scheduling a program has never been easier…

Click on the calendar and let the program wizard take you through each easy step: choose the program illustrations, title, participants, webcast times, etc.

Your program schedule is in the Cloud… so all your worldwide branches can take part and be on the air!

No current webcast? Your Wikiradio will automatically webcast your playlists.

The Wikiradio scheduling tool is very powerful: Multiple program webcasting, selection of musical interludes, chaining…


Your Wikiradio is fully integrated in your company’s ecosystem

Do you make intensive use of social networks (in-house or on the web)?

Wikiradio includes all the ad hoc, automated and configurable publishing and exporting tools you need to produce audio and/or video webcasts and export them to all your digital media: websites, blogs, mailing lists, newsletters and social networks.

For instance:

  • Include live radio streaming on your home page
  • Include a “widget” with the latest podcasts on a website
  • Publish an interview in your newsletter…
  • Automatically publish all your webcasts on your Facebook page or on your company’s social network!