This portal of radio expression contributes to the implementation of the project “WebRadio” to complete the multimedia panoply of the proposed establishment within the framework of the project WikiTerritorial.
On the occasion of the use of the WikiRadio media, geographical borders (Metropole, Overseas, EEC, Countries outside the EEC) are freed from invitations to people from all walks of life without requiring their presence. This concerns both the actors of the Webradio programs and their listeners. Oral expression is promoted via the Internet and its Web technologies, using Internet, fixed and mobile telephone networks.
Since the aim of the project is not to propose a different theme every hour, but to accompany the target audience throughout the day with radio benchmarks that will retain them, we must propose listening to radio resources , debate, interview, etc.) that are judged to be of added value.
As part of the implementation of the WebRadio project, the “Radio Speaking Portal” is based on a first program grid called the “harmonized program schedule” pending the production of additional schedules of specialized specialized programs.

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14 September 2017