The Tunisian ministry for young people and sport launched an ambitious wikiradio program to serve the needs of all the young people in the country, and based on the extensive and well-established structure of youth centers (of which there are more than 300).

The aim is to give young people a voice, and thus to emphasize their importance for the future, and to remind everyone that young people should be appreciated, heard and understood throughout the country.

Check out radios :

15. Ariana

16. Benarous

17. Zaghouan

18. Beja

19. Monastir

20. Gabes

21. Medeninen

22. Tataouine

23. Gafsa

24. Tozeur

25. Elfouar

26. Khaznadar

27. Ibnkhaldoun

28. Sidihassine


Posted on

23 September 2015